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It's affordable and convenient!

Where is Boot Camp?

We give you the most convenient boot camp workout program possible! We offer boot camps all around the DFW metroplex. Use the Location Map to find the one nearest you!

How much does it cost?

Boot Camp fitness is incredibly cost-effective. At $70/hour, you could spend up to $4200 to train with a personal trainer at the gym for 3 months, as opposed to $270 with Jay... just $4.50 for an hour-long workout! Not to mention you will be getting a better, more enjoyable workout!

$4.50 per workout. You could spend more each day at the coffee shop!

A standard, 4-week Boot Camp Fitness class for a first timer boot camper is $225. The price drops when you sign up for more camps at once! This price includes 3 training sessions per week, or more if you choose! You won't find rates like this at the gym!

We offer multi-camp discounts!

Consecutive Boot Camps

Sign up for multiple sessions to get a discounted rate. So, if you sign up for:

Number of Sessions*
1 Session $225 Base Cost
2 or More Consecutive Sessions $100 for Each Additional Session $125 Savings Each

* Multiple sessions purchased must be used consecutively!

We offer discounts to bootcampers who register with a buddy, register for multiple sessions or have missed a session but let us know ahead of time.

Remember: If you skip a session, you can't get the discounted rate. However, if you contact us when you know that you are going to miss a single session ahead of time, and if you pre-register for the following session, we'll allow the discounted rate. Click Here to email us about missing a session.

Buddy Rates

Share the thrill of group fitness with friends, family members, or support a colleague struggling with fitness. Sign up with a buddy and save!

  • Save $10 each (off initial price) when 2-3 New Participants Join Together!
  • Save $15 each (off initial price) when 4-6 New Participants Join Together!
  • Save $20 each (off initial price) when 7-9 New Participants Join Together!
  • Save $25 each (off initial price) when 10 or more Join Together!

To get your savings, email training@jaysbootcamp.com and let us know how many sessions you want to purchase and how many will be joining. We will email you back with directions on how to register!

When is Boot Camp?

BOOT CAMP FITNESS - Remaining 2013 Schedule

Oct 14 - Nov 9, Nov 11 - Dec 7, or Dec 9 - Jan 4